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Sandy Meredith

Certified Integrative Health Coach

Research led me to a program through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City that provided an integrative approach to healthy living. I decided it was worth the effort to study for an entire year to find out how to do it. My intention was to get healthier, and I did, but the big surprise was losing 30 pounds without really trying! I did it simply by "walking the talk" and slowly, steadily making nutrition and lifestyle changes. I decided to switch career fields and have devoted myself to helping others to become healthier too.

Perhaps the most important lesson I've learned is that, as long as you're still breathing, it is never, ever too late to make positive changes in your life.

My Story

My wake-up call came one day when the results of a routine test came back indicating a risk for serious disease. If I didn't change something I was heading down the cancer road. Well, that did it! I made up my mind that I was not going to become a statistic, and from there began my journey to discover how to get healthy, lose weight, avoid disease, and feel better.

I grew up in Washington, DC, the child of two government workers. My busy parents did the best they knew how at the time in taking care of me. However, to give you an example of what nutrition was like for me as a kid, I remember being surprised to learn that all mashed potatoes didn't come from a box! Like so many who grew up in the Age of Convenience, I loved T.V. dinners, and ate plenty of them. It was cool then.

Fast forward to adulthood and, from a nutritional standpoint, things were not a whole lot better. I ate "well," or so I thought. Add to that the stress of a high-pressure Washington-style job and the result was a recipe for chronic disease that took its toll both physically and mentally.